Tasting Notes

Young American White

The YA White is a blend of Symphony, Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp, clean, fruity and floral, this easy drinking wine is perfect for any occasion.

Symphony (majority) grape is artificially crossed grape variety, its parents being the Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. The wine tastes lightly citrusy, with a mild peachy sweetness and acid, much like a refreshing drink. The name of the grape, 'Symphony', was coined because of the 'symphony observed between the rich aromas and rich flavours'.

Young American White bottle

Technical Information


 Cleveland, GA, USA


60% Symphony, 20% Viognier, 20% Sauv blanc




13.5% by vol.



Good to Know

Sauvignon Blanc is responsible for the tropical fruit notes and the crispness of the wine. The primary fruit flavors of Sauvignon Blanc are lime, green apple, passion fruit and white peach. Depending on how ripe the grapes are when the wine is made, the flavor will range from zesty lime to flowery peach.
Viognier (“Vee-own-yay”) is a full-bodied white wine. Most loved for its perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle, Viognier can also be oak-aged to add a rich creamy taste with hints of vanilla.