Tasting Notes

2021 Riesling

An absolute stunner of a wine. Our third shot at making this wine, and our winemaker is really starting to understand what this vineyard is capable of.

These grapes were intended to widen the tasting profile that Yonah offers, and Tristen was given the challenge to craft a wine that mimics Eric's favorite; off-dry German Rieslings...with American grapes. Tristen requested the grapes hang on the vine for an additional 10 days compared to when most Riesling winemakers would harvest (to highlight tropical notes), and believe it is shown in this vintage.

Slightly off-dry, and not overpowered by notes of green apple. There is a great acid to natural sugar ratio, which was obtained by chilling the wine down to arrest fermentation right at the perfect moment.

Pairs amazingly well with Thai/Asian cuisine with a slight spice.

2021 Riesling bottle

Technical information


100% Lake County, California


100% Riesling



Harvest Date:

September 19th, 2021


December 16th, 2021

Cases Produced:


Good to Know

  • Considered one of the very best food-pairing wines, Riesling goes with a variety of dishes depending upon the level of sweetness and acidity. It's also famous for cooling off the palate during a spicy meal.
  • The characteristics of quality Riesling are reminiscent of peaches or, when young, apples. It has a unique acidity, minerality, and fruit flavor with aromas of wet stones, smoke or even petroleum (a highly prized note in aged Riesling).
  • Seldom oaked, Riesling grapes can be used to make dry, semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling white wines. Riesling makes excellent dessert wines and is typically thought of in the US as a sweeter white wine. But there are many "dry Rieslings" that are in fact very crisp and food-friendly, similar in body and style to a light, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc.