Tasting Notes

2021 Petit Manseng

"Produced from small berries (hence the name "petit"). This 100% estate-grown wine has a natural sweetness with delicate notes of green apple, citrus, and lemon meringue. A Miller family favorite!

Petit Manseng is a perfect grape for our region; thick skins, loose clusters, early ripener, and has the ability to hold on to its natural acidity much longer than most other varietals. This gives the wine a natural backbone which is complimented by its natural residual sugar.

Barrel fermentation assists in the big mouthfeel and helps highlight the gorgeous flavors of candied peaches and nectarines, hints of citrus, and green apples. Think of a slightly off-dry, full-bodied Riesling.

Perfectly paired with a Thanksgiving turkey, slightly spicy Asian cuisine, or a juicy pork roast.

2021 Petit Manseng bottle

Technical information


100% Yonah Mountain Vineyards Estate


100% Petit Manseng



Harvest Date:

October 5th, 2020


March 9th, 2021

Cases Produced:


Good to Know

  • Petit Manseng is usually made as a dessert-style wine, but it can also be used in a single varietal dry wine, or even co-fermented with red or white grapes.
  • Petit Manseng is a white grape variation of the black Manseng grape.
  • Though originally from south-west France, Petit Manseng does very well growing in the south-eastern U.S. due to its loose clusters and small berries that make it well suited for the state's heat and humidity during the growing season.