Tasting Notes

Young American Rosé

The new Young American Rosé is crisp, refreshing, and fruity; a perfect refreshment for summer/fall/winter/spring! This juicy off-dry Rose is then back-sweetened with juice accentuating notes of peach and apricot, with a great acid profile which balances the wine beautifully.
Young American Rosé bottle

Technical Information


100% Washington State


50% Merlot
50% Syrah 






June 8th, 2021

Cases Produced:   


Good to Know

To make rosé wine, the skin of red grapes is immersed in the wine for a short amount of time (typically anywhere from 2 to 20 hours). The sooner the grape skins are removed, the lighter the rosé will be; the longer they sit in their wine bath, the deeper pink the rosé.
Rosé is a beautiful accompaniment to foods of all sorts. From melon and prosciutto to salade niçoise, to a juicy burger or Indian food, this versatile vino goes with a lot and should be consumed within two to three years of purchase at the longest.