Tasting Notes

2016 Petit Verdot

Our Petit Verdot is not your typical Petit Verdot. Most single varietal wines made with this grape are generally in your face bold tannic wines which would benefit from years worth of bottle aging...but not ours.

We located a clone of Petit Verdot for this vintage that has slightly larger berries which is the main reason this wine is silkier than it's brothers and sisters out there. Greater juice to skin ratio means slightly less intensity.

This wine offers up aromas of mostly black fruit flavors ranging from plum, blackberry and blueberry to slightly lighter black cherry.

2016 Petit Verdot bottle

Technical information


100% California


91% Petit Verdot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon 



Harvest Date:

 October 14th, 2016


March 20th, 2019

Cases Produced:


Good to Know

  • Petit Verdot translates close to "little green one" and this is most likely because this grape is a late-ripening, warm climate variety. In Bordeaux, it meant that the grapes were often not quite ready (e.g. a little green) when they had to be picked for harvest.
  • Generally in "Bordeaux Blends", Petit Verdot is usually only 1-2% of the blend. This is to add tannin structure, color and herbaceous notes of violet and sage


2016 Petit Verdot Pairs Well With:

a close up of food on a plate

Steak with mushroom sauce

a close up of a plate of food and a glass of wine

Lamb chops with mint sauce