We’re excited to announce the release of three new wines at our 2015 Crush Fest.

The long awaited release of the 2011 Totem (or as our team says “TOTEM 2”) is available starting at the 2015 Crush Fest.  The best Totem yet!

To learn more about Crush Fest visit www.yonahmountainvineyards.com/Crushfest.

2014 Yonah Mountain Vineyards Estate Chardonnay

YMV 2014 Estate Chardonnay

Available for tasting and purchase by the bottle at Crush Fest, this estate chardonnay is part of our premiere wine collection and showcases the best features of locally grown Chardonnay grapes from our “Elizabeth” vineyard. Barrel-fermented, it offers exploding aromatics of fresh honeydew melon, citrus, and sweet toasted oak along with a pleasantly rich and luxurious mouthfeel.  

Cuvée Rosé

Cuvée Bottles

Only available at Crush Fest, our Cuvée Rosé is a perfect celebration wine, beautifully aromatic, richly hued, and carefully balanced between fruit and acidity, this is the bottle to break open for every festive occasion.  In addition we are re-releasing our popular Red and White Cuvée at Crush Fest only.

2011 Totem

Yonah 2011 Totem

Available for purchase beginning Saturday, September 5th, the 2011 Totem is part of Yonah Mountain Vineyards’ ongoing efforts to make the most exceptional wines possible.  Careful harvesting and extended maceration make this offering particularly distinctive, as do the inky black color, mouth-filling viscosity, and total harmony between the fruit and oak.  This is a wine of great character and quality.